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[07 Jul 2018|08:54pm]
application: gwendolyn foster )
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[06 Jul 2016|08:10pm]
Sooo... any Ilvermorny games out yet?
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[24 Feb 2016|07:43pm]

went to a party/i danced all night/i drank sixteen beers/and i started up a fight/but now i am jaded/you're out of luck/i'm rolling down the stairs/too drunk to fuck )
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[22 Jan 2016|09:09pm]

this bridge was built by wolves )
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[17 Sep 2015|10:14pm]
Just in case anyone's looking for a fun, minimal time involvement game....


Mod Journal
RPG Comm
OOC Comm

Game Info
Cast List

School Info
School Info
Code of Conduct
Daily Life
Important Dates

Holds/Taken PBs
Wanted Characters

Islington Prep is one of the best schools in the Eastern United States, and one of the things that Islington prizes above all else is pride: pride in oneself, pride in one's house, and pride in the school. So the fact that the school is slowly but surely heading towards bankruptcy, while not common knowledge, is cause for alarm for those in the know. Because there's a nasty, insidious little rumor that the dip in funds is due to someone dipping their hand in the school's coffers.

Aware of the school's financial difficulties, the local Board of Education has offered to buy the school, which sounds like the ideal solution... except that would mean de-privatizing the school, something many of the students (to say nothing of their parents) are vehemently against. After all, they're paying an exorbitant amount of money in part for the exclusivity and security that Islington affords. There are even those who have gone on record stating that letting in scholarship students was enough of an indignity.

So just what would you do to save your school as you know it? Will you throw yourself into school life harder than ever, hoping that Islington's board will see what a mistake selling the school would be? Or have you heard the rumors, and decided to actively seek the truth about the disappearing money?


‘Islington Prep’ is a completely non-supernatural original game set in a prestigious boarding school in Maryland.

We're looking for writers who are dedicated to character development and quality writing. We have a bunch of different (IC) events planned, designed to both foster activity and to give characters a chance to compete for their House, because who doesn't like a bit of friendly competition?

We'd like to see a good mix of both moneyed students (both those against the sale of the school, and those who don't particularly care!) and scholarship students (who are probably pretty tired of the stigma that lingers around scholarships and for whom the sale would mean a dramatic decrease in school fees). Bring on the inevitable conflict between the so-called Haves and Have-Nots!

So, if this type of game appeals to you then please read the relevant information and join us!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us:

GAME IS OPEN! Join today! >>>>>

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[12 Sep 2015|07:34pm]
Bio: Hannelore Celia Holmes  )
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[08 Jul 2015|12:48am]
i am not a pretty girl that is not what i do i am not some damsel in distress )
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[25 Jun 2013|08:33pm]
i cant find the secret to survive )
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[23 May 2013|03:34pm]
Ugh. I miss rping. Does anyone have any games to rec? I'm not really into panfandom, but I could do an OC (with a plot, like Manhattan Project or something), or HP. Anyone?
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[20 Nov 2012|01:35am]
fare thee well now let your life proceed by its own design )
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[12 Sep 2012|09:10pm]
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[04 Sep 2012|08:57pm]
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[08 Aug 2012|12:17am]
run like hell )
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[20 Jul 2012|09:42pm]
It's been a long time since I've done one of these but I could use some love, so *crosses fingers* snaps?
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[20 Jun 2012|03:51am]
poor little darling with a chip out of her heart/it's like acting in a movie when you got the wrong part/getting your kicks in another girl's bed/and it was only last Tuesday they found you in the subway dead )
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[19 Jun 2012|12:14am]
Worth a shot.

Without looking at my current and past character directories, what patterns do you associate with my roleplaying? For example, with Harry Potter RPing, this can include things like gender, house, blood status, physical details, PBs, family, personalities, eras, specific characters, etc.
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[04 Aug 2011|05:22pm]
So I have a legitimate question. I've been looking at next-gen games, just casually, seeing if anything piques my interest. So far it hasn't but I notice a trend, 99% of the games have a preset cast list, with families/parents/blood already set (which cuts out the character I have in mind but that's ok lol), but I have yet to see ONE GAME with anything but heterosexual parents.

I hesitated about writing this cos I figured you guys would all be all "OH IT'S JUST DARCY AND HER LESBIANINITY", but honestly. It's like 17 years in the future or whatever. Just make ONE couple the same sex. And if you're worried about painting applicants into a box or something, 1. you're not forcing anyone to play them 2. you're already creating their/their parents/siblings names and their blood so why not just add one more layer of paint?

Idk, I don't get it. Maybe someone else can explain it to me.

EDIT: to add appropriate icon
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[28 Dec 2010|02:00am]
QUESTION: I may be insane but I could've sworn I saw something on the CDJs about a Victorian Era game? Has anyone heard anything/does anyone know about this game or a game set in that era? TY ♥
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[25 Nov 2010|10:22pm]

Give me a character and I'll tell you the following:

- Does your character believe in true love or soul mates? Love at first sight?
- Are they or have they ever been in love?
- What are their general feelings about sex?
- How do they feel about sex without love?
- What about sex before marriage?
- What counts as cheating and is cheating forgiveable?
- Have they or would they ever cheat?
- Are they a virgin?
- First partner? Most recent?
- What sort of experience do they have with sex?
- How comfortable are they with their body?
- With their partner's body?
- Who gave them "The Talk"?
- Post-sex habits? Weird habits?
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[12 Jun 2010|01:39am]
asdfghjkl; )
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